Chang Chun Plastics Co. LTD

Phenolic Moulding Compounds and Liquid Crystal Polymers


Chang Chun Plastics Co., LTD was established in 1949 and it is currently one of the biggest producers of plastic materials worldwide. CCP achieved these results by basing its business on clear principles: honesty as fundamental, customer as priority and innovation as the motivational engine.

Research and innovation are the fuel of CCP. In order to develop better quality, CCP Group continues to allocate 8% of human force and 6% of turnover for R&D. Thanks to these efforts CCP R&D has successfully developed several breakthroughs.

“Keeping roots in Taiwan and growing branches in the world”. This is CCP’s strategy. In Taiwan, CCP has more than 4’000 major customers, while overseas it is present in more than 50 Countries.

Mises is the official distributor of CCP’s Phenolic Moulding Compounds and Liquid Crystal Polymers. CCP is the largest thermoset manufacturer in Asia. Phenolic Moulding Compound (PMC) is used for various applications due to the excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability, mechanical strength and electrical properties.

CCP is also a big producer of Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP). LCP are extremely unreactive, inert, and highly resistant to fire. They resist stress cracking in the presence of most chemicals at elevated temperatures. Hydrolytic stability in boiling water is also excellent.

Because of these properties, LCPs are useful for electrical and mechanical parts, food containers and any other applications requiring chemical inertness and high strength.


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