Distribution of Libolon PA6

Mises SA official distributor

Mises SA and Libolon signed an agreement for the distribution in the european market of PA6 products for moulding. Libolon is one of the biggest and most important PA6 producer worldwide. Established in 1975 in Taiwan, Libolon is a fully-integrated PA6 producer with a total capacity of approximately 430’000 tons/year. Mises SA is commited to develop and spread the products of this important taiwanese producer in the european market.

Phenolic Moulding Compound LONGLITE T651

High heat resistance

T651 belongs to the special grades of Phenolic Moulding Compound of Chang Chun Plastics. As an example, T651 is used to produce parts of plasma torches. For these parts it is required thermal stability in continuous service up to 280°C. Due to this property, the CCP phenolic moulding compound distributed by Mises SA is used mainly for parts that need high heat resistance.

New PA compounds XC from Epsan

Wide range of advantages compared to standard materials.

Epsan is always R&D focused. The new XC grades for polyamides are the newest result. These new grades offer a wide range of advantages compared to standard materials: – Better flow properties. – Smoother surface – Lower injection molding temperatures (up to 20°C), which enable lower energy costs. – Shorter cycle times (up to 40%). – No change on mechanical properties compared to standard grades.

Enhancement of the polymerisation plants of polyester

Shinkong invests in polyester

Shinkong, one of the biggest producers worldwide of PBT, PET and PBT+PET, announced a 135 million USD investment in order to upgrade the polymerisation plants of polyester. Mises SA commits to have a decisive position in the market with SHINITE PBT.

Positive trend for Dongchen transparent PA12

PA12 TM0251

The positive trend in the optical sector of transparent PA12 TM0251 continues. Mises SA is the official distributor in Europe of Dongchen materials. According to various customers’ tests, PA12 TM0251 is excellent both in processability and transparency. Some of the glasses producted with our material were shown at MIDO fair in Milan.